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Drayner Series

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Just Perfect

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Just Wait

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Just Once


Just You

The Details:

Drayners--Dark, dangerous. If you find yourself admiring their eyes, or their mouth, or their body, chances are they've stolen that attribute from some human and left them behind without a second thought. What they want, they take. It's the core tenant of their very culture.

So what happens when they find themselves wanting something they can't steal?

Writer's Ramblings:

This series is full of unlikable characters. I mean, even the word "Drayner" feels ominous, and for good reason. And their relationships are...well I wouldn't call them romantic, per se. Or at all.

But I love them anyway--I don't know why. I definitely want to see where they go, how they grow. In my mind this is one big story told in four episodes, and while I know the highlights, I'm not entirely sure how it will turn out. I think it'll be an interesting ride.

-- Rowan McBride
Edited March 9th, 2012

This page is still a work in progress. Planning on more. Not quite sure what.
So check in, because it might be brilliant. Or not. But fun, at the very least.

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