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...Lone was a wonderful shapeshifter story, one that probably I can read over and over and always pouring some tears.

--Elisa Rolle
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Seth and Rafe's romance gripped my heart and squeezed until I cried.

--Bryl Tyne
The Romance Studio

This book is literally going right into my keeper shelf. I highly recommend it for all m/m readers who love a good romance with lots of tenderness and just the right amount of spice thrown in for good measure.

Boylove Addict

LONE is an exciting novel with a dark edge but it is also hopeful and moving. It is definitely a keeper!

Romance Junkies

This brilliantly written story includes fascinating characters, wonderful settings, and a well-written plot. Rowan McBride's Lone is a story about new beginnings, facing your inner demons, outer conflicts, and the devotion sparked by true love.

Fallen Angel Reviews

Lone is the best shapeshifter novel I’ve read in a very long time. ... I’m happy to Joyfully Recommend Lone, and I hope to see more paranormal and shapeshifter tales from Mr. McBride in the future.

Joyfully Reviewed

Rowan McBride writes damaged heroes like nobody else. There is always something unique about them, something so utterly broken that it seems impossible for them to be fixed, and yet, almost always, he finds a way.

--Book Utopia Mom
Book Utopia


Chasing Winter

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