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There weren’t a great deal of erotic moments, but when presented, they are full of passion and raw magnetism. Definitely toe-curling action worthy of a cold drink and a blast from a fan. I found One Shot to be a fantastic read - buy a copy, you won’t be disappointed!

--Scandalous Minx
Literary Nymphs Reviews

One Shot is by far one of the best romantic eroticas that I have ever read.

Bitten By Books

I had no real expectations, just that it sounded like a very interesting premise and I'd take it from there. I ended up captivated and very emotionally involved with Nick and Riley.

--Kathy K.
Ebook Addict

One Shot is about the triumph of the ‘little guy’ and I liked the overt, and rather exaggerated, yaoi overtones which permeate the book.

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