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Faded Letter

Hard to write a blurb for this one. It's based on a real event in my life, and I'd wager that most people have had something similar happen to them. Those sort of heartaches shape you in ways you never fully understand, but I will say this-- Now that I'm an adult, I'm glad I went back for that letter, and I'm glad I still have it. It's faded, and torn in the corners, but it's a reminder that I'm brave enough to give it my all, whether it be writing, love, or life.

Read it here.

Originally published at Gay Flash Fiction.


Yeah, it's a poem, but I'm not about to create an entire new section for just the one, so it goes here. ;-)

I wrote this poem in the middle of working on the final revisions for Paul's Dream. I'd been sifting through the thesaurus looking for another word for fire, and it occurred to me that a lot of the words I was coming across worked together pretty well. So, because my brain was already fried anyway, I took a break to write a poem and posted it on my blog.

It was totally worth it.

Read it here.

Originally posted on Rowan's Ramblings.


My first published "ficlet."

Out is a special story to me. It's only 255 words, but it's about pain, and trust, and courage. It's about a moment that I believe everyone has at least once in their life--when you realize how hard it is to be yourself, and you make the choice to be that person anyway. That choice makes you strong, and the people who accept it are the ones who will keep you warm.

Read it here.

Originally published at Gay Flash Fiction.

Gotta Have

I'm putting my ramblings in this box because--at 300 words--this story doesn't really need a blurb. I had a lot of fun writing it, especially since the inspiration is one of my favorite songs. This, unfortunately, dates me as well as runs the risk of calling my taste in music into question. But I don't care, I think it's a great song. I think it's a pretty good little story, too.

Read it here.


A limerick about, well, pain.

Read it here.

In the Flesh

Have you watched this show? Ohhh, dude, definitely definitely watch it. It's so good that it inspired me to write my very first piece of fan-fic (poetry actually, but it's the same idea).

Read it here.

Titans in the House

Aaand here's my second piece of fanfiction! Inspired by the awesome art by evinist.

Read it here.


Three super short fics featuring the magical side of the sea.




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