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Intense and evocative. I devoured this.

--Book Utopia Mom
Book Utopia

Rowan McBride has created characters that are fantastic. I felt like part of their lives. Paul's character is strong, but he has no passion. Kian is able to bring Paul's passion to the forefront. Paul's Dream is engaging, romantic, erotic, and I desperately wanted them to succeed over the evil that plagued them. This book brought out a lot of emotion in me, and I won't soon forget Paul's Dream.

TwoLips Reviews

PAUL'S DREAM is the perfect story to curl up to on a rainy day. I loved it. With so many likable aspects, I find the characters to be the best part of the book. Paul is kind and lovable, even though he's a bit standoffish in the beginning. And Kian, well, Kian is what fantasies are made of.

Romance Junkies Reviews

I enjoyed Paul's Dream. It was a very visual experience.

Rainbow Reviews

Rowan McBride is noted for penning m/m sensuality with a twist, and Paul’s Dream is not only no exception; this story is beyond outstanding. Run, do not stroll, to your nearest download outlet and purchase this book. If this does not immediately find its place on your Bedtime Reading Keeper Shelf, this reviewer will be very surprised (and disappointed!) A complex tale with layers upon layers which the reader peels back, scorching sensuality to ignite even the coldest among us, and a foundation of magic and romance and love!

Reviews by Frost

I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book and I am NOT usually one who buys m/m or f/f romance. This man is freakin' amazing....

*raises shot glass* Way to go, Mr. McBride. You rock.

--Author Jennifer Leeland
Jen's Hot And Sweet Blog

Rowan McBride has written a hot, spicy story of love, sex, dreams, incubi and even wizards. Paul is a well-written character, that is both believable and extremely likeable, but Kian is gorgeous, sweet, determined and loveable. I enjoyed this story immensely. It is a sensual, suspenseful story full of sex, magic and fire, which will leave the reader hot and wanting more.

The Romance Studio

From start to finish, Touching Fire: Paul’s Dream held me in a trance-like state.

--Suni Farrar
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Paul’s Dream is an extraordinarily complex story with two completely different protagonists. Paul starts out as a cold fish while Kian is warm and loving and the story takes Paul on a journey of his evolution into a warm and caring human being as he realizes that without Kian everything is cold. [...] I really loved Paul’s Dream and have no hesitation in giving it 2 thumbs up and 5 stars.

Reviews by Jessewave

Paul’s Dream is a gem of a book with two great characters that you can’t help but love.

My Book Cravings

Absolutely amazing! This story, the setting and world it creates, the characters and the storyline have left me totally breathless.

--Serena Yates
Queer Magazine Online

ISBN: 978-1-59578-385-1

Paul's Dream

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Liquid Silver Publishing

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