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  • Song most listened to while writing this story: Time is Running Out, by Muse.

  • After all these years, I still believe the best maze movie ever is Labyrinth. Muppets, music, David Bowie in leather pants. Really. No contest.

  • Kian's favorite ice-cream: Double chocolate fudge brownie chunk.

    Rowan's favorite ice-cream: Mint chocolate chip.

  • I didn't figure out why Stephen "Riker" sounded familiar until I was halfway through the book. I guess my Firefly and Stargate fandoms decided they were going to block the memory of older shows from my mind.

  • Want to be a dream walker like Paul? Test your maze solving skills here and here. In both mazes, you need to click on the maze and then use your arrow keys to navigate. If you solve either of them, send me a screen shot of the solved puzzle! I'll give you props on this page.

  • Test your dream walking abilities. Search Paul's Dream and win an autographed postcard!

  • Paul solves a lot of puzzles in this story. Now you can solve an online jigsaw featuring the novel's cover! As with the mazes, if you solve it, send me a screencap and I'll list your name on this page.

    Click to Mix and Solve

    Paul's Dream Jigsaw Puzzle

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