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Want Me

Joel Beckett is blessed. He's popular with the ladies, a star on the football field, and worshiped by everyone on campus.

Including Walker Cain.

Only Walker's worship has crossed the line, driving him to invoke ancient magic that binds them together in an inescapable downward spiral. Now reality is shifting, and with each new life Joel is forced to watch Walker steal away another of the blessings he'd always taken for granted.

It's never enough. Cursed blood runs hot, and with every turn of the spiral, Walker breathes the seductive words that Joel can't resist. The words that could drag them both into Hell.

Want me.

Note: This is the second edition of this story, revised in 2013 for Loose Id



Currently out of print.

Will return soon.

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"This is a totally amazing book. Creepy, scary and weird describe it just as much as thought-provoking and sweet."

--Serena Yates
Rainbow Book Reviews

I think this is one of the most unusual books that I have ever read in the mm genre, and I highly recommend it, but you should be sure that you are up for reading a dark story.

Dear Author

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Writer's Ramblings:

I never thought I'd do a dark and twisty story, but--without a doubt--Want Me is the darkest, twistiest thing I've ever tried to write. And, strangely enough, it's probably also one of my sexiest books.

Go figure.

Neither character is very likable at the beginning of the book. Joel is arrogant while also managing to be a bit boring, and Walker is, well, creepy. But as they ride the spiral that becomes their lives, both grow in unexpected--and not always good--ways. One of the reasons I like this story, I think. Both characters turn out to be far more complex than they seemed at first glance. And that's how it is with most of us, isn't it?

-- Rowan McBride

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