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The emotions he infuses into his protagonist always resonate deeper than the few words on the page would suggest. This is why I trust him so much as an author.

--Book Utopia Mom
Book Utopia Reviews

The paranormals aspects of this story are icing on the cake, only adding another layer to an already well-packed gay tale of romance, caring, redemption, and getting what you want out of life in the end.

--Mystical Nymph
Literary Nymphs Reviews

Rowan McBride has created a special love story that has evolved from hero worship to love. Jesse and Keith are each other’s dream fantasies come through.

Romance Junkies Reviews

The main characters Jesse and Keith were so real to me. I felt as If I had known them all my life.

Rainbow Reviews

Those guys were absolutely perfect in every way. And they were perfect for each other. I so enjoyed reading this and can’t recommend this enough.

the Bookkeeper

Rowan McBride does his job well with book one, and book two is definitely in my future.

Fallen Angel Reviews

I am surprised by how much I love this! Endearing characters and a unique yet strangely touching storyline, Warm Rush is M/M romance at its best!

--Lecy Yap

I found 'Warm Rush' to be a thoroughly enjoyable, engaging read. Rowan McBride proves to be a remarkably talented author, and makes weaving an intricate and imaginative tale look effortless, which we all know it isn't. The author's attention to detail is obvious. Nothing seems to have been left to chance and each element of the story fit together seamlessly.

-- Melanie LeComte

Warm Rush is an emotionally charged story of love, pain and the parts of ones life that makes them whole. Jesse has a soft kindness that shines through his pain and will capture your heart. Keith is big and sexy with a dangerous air that adds to his appeal. The sharp contrasts between these men help to make Warm Rush the beautiful story of love and acceptance that it is.

--Water Nymph
Literary Nymphs Reviews

Warm Rush by Rowan McBride is an emotionally stirring romance where two people discover that they need each other to heal and be happy. To tell the truth it was not far into the story that I found myself sobbing out loud. This story touches the heart of the reader.

The Romance Studio

There are so many twists in this plot that it keeps the reader needing to find out what will happen next.

Fallen Angel Reviews

I had to suspend disbelief with his physical transformation (which I won’t describe here since it’s kind of a spoiler), but once I did, the twist made this story unlike anything else I’ve ever read. I enjoyed this book, and I would direct anyone looking for a contemporary gay romance with an unusual twist to Warm Rush.

Joyfully Reviewed

Chasing Winter

On sale now at
Amber Allure.

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